AN ACT OF WORSHIP begins with demonstrations against the Travel ban in airports across the country, then moves to mosques, community centers, and homes, where the urgency to address Islamophobia is becoming increasingly palpable. Our story depicts the lives of Muslim women activists across the United States as they forge new ways to confront the current political climate. Our crew comprises Muslim-American filmmakers, giving viewers an authentic attempt to take the pulse of Muslim-American activism.

Hoda Katebi is an Iranian-American fashion blogger whose work unites design with activism to reclaim the image of the Muslim woman. Khadega Mohammed uses spoken word poetry to articulate her struggle as a Sudanese immigrant and a black, Muslim woman. Arab-American Aber Kawas advocates tirelessly for her community in Bay Ridge, NY, and leads a campaign to establish sanctuary spaces. Ameena Qazi is a biracial Pakistani-American civil rights advocate raising three young children, the next generation of activists. Palestinian-American Linda Sarsour is a pioneer of Muslim activism in the US and an aspirational figure for many of the women in the film. She protested Islamophobic policies that emerged after 9/11 and has since proven to be an ally to communities everywhere facing injustice.

The lives of these women paints a complex portrait of Muslim-American life and resistance. AN ACT OF WORSHIP provides an up-close look at a new generation’s attempt to take back control of its own narrative against the culmination of decades-long efforts to marginalize and criminalize Muslims in the US.